Tools I use for drawing

Hi, today I want to tell you which tools I use for my drawing exercises.

First of all, pencils.
Most of the time I draw with a B2 or B4 wooden pencil.  I pick HB or H2 hardness for light sketching. If I do some dark and bigger shadow areas I use B6 or even B8, which are very soft. When I do some exercises like line and shapes drawing I just pick whatever I have beside me.

Apart from this, from time to time I use a mechanical pencil with a B or B2 hardness and 0.5mm graphite size. It is pretty good for adding some details or do thin lines.

As for a company, I had been using Faber Castell, Staedtler, Koh-i-noor or even no-name pencils so far.
Sometimes some of them give scratchy feeling during drawing (when picking up a harder pencil like H, H2), but in general, all pencils I have been using so far were really good.

Mostly I use a kneadable eraser, which I found is great for adding highlights and what’s more, I can easily change its form to clean small areas or big ones.
I always have at least one of such an eraser beside me (and it does not leave any particles on the paper like a vinyl eraser). I use a standard vinyl eraser as well, but not so often.

I use a 20cm or 30cm ruler, to draw longer lines (like horizon for example), set perspective or proportions.

What more? A sharpener, paper (mostly A4 format) and from time to time a tortillon for blending. I found that a sketchbook is pretty convenient recently. So now, I use such a thing instead of a paper taken from a printer, and I do not have a mess on my desk while drawing (I draw several pages at a time while exercising)  🙂

And this is pretty much all that I use so far.
In general H2 to B8 pencils, eraser, ruler, sharpener, paper, sketchbook and a tortillon.

If you are not familiar with a pencil gradation I am just going to tell you a simple thing. B letter with a greater number means more soft pencil, which leaves a darker color and a thicker line, HB pencil is in the middle, and an H one is harder and leaves a lighter color with a thinner line. It goes like this: from for example 8B to B, then HB, F (F is similar to HB) and then from H to H8. (some companies produce a wider scale with even 9B or 9H pencils)

Drawing progress after one month

Hi, today I put some images of my recent drawings.
As usual, I constantly draw simple things for hand training (at least twice a week):

Apart from this, I did some drawings with simple shapes like:

Finally, these are drawings after one month of intensive training:

I can say, that I see some progress with shading and lines, and it is a bit easier to draw more complicated things for me.
Still, drawing faces is difficult, especially finding proper proportions.

What more, I started to use eraser more frequently to add some highlights, and I try to spend more time looking at objects which I am trying to draw to spot more details.

During whole month I wore out one complete set of soft pencils (b2 to b8 – 7 pencils), and I spent around 50-60 hours on a drawing. It gives around 2 hours a day.
I tried to draw every day, but to be honest I had maybe up to 5 days when I did not do anything.

Anyway, I am still on the track 🙂 and trying to get better every day.

My goals for the next month are:

  • lines and shapes exercises,
  • drawing objects with shadings,
  • draw face elements like eyes, nose, mouth, and ears,
  • do some full images of faces or landscapes to see my progress.

I know, this is a lot, but I am going to continue with these things in the future as well.

Till the next time, Piotr

Drawing exercises – part 1

Hi, today I put some images of my exercises.
As you can see, I did some lines and shapes.

I did them as a warm-up and a hand training.

I sketch simple shapes at least twice a week and I believe it is helping with getting better with drawing. Every image consists of simple shapes, so I think it is very important to draw them properly.

Basically, I draw about 3-4 a4 sheets at a time and I do very random shapes, lines or figures. Some of them may imitate hair, grass, pupils or other things later on.
I use whatever paper and pencil for doing this type of exercising.

The thing is to practice. If I would like to try drawing some realistic hair for example, then I would use gradation with several different pencils, but for this kind of drawing simple shapes, I think it does not matter which tool I use.
I just grab whatever I have beside me and practice.

Ok, below you may see my efforts.

Till the next time, Piotr