Drawing exercises – part 2

Hi, it will be a short post about drawing exercises.

As I wrote in one of my previous posts I constantly draw simple things for a hand training. I draw circles, straight lines, curved lines, boxes, undefined shapes and whatever comes to my mind.

I decided to do something a bit different recently. I took an A4 sheet of printer paper and started drawing lines only. What I wanted to do was to create some kind of a structure. I took me about 7 hours to cover the whole sheet.  I did it in three days (it was not a one-time session).

Ok, here are the results:

drawing lines exercise
drawing lines - finished exercise

I used a mechanical pencil with a 0.5mm 2B lead for this exercise.
Hopefully, it will have some impact on my drawing skills 🙂

Until next time,

Drawing progress after three months

Hi, three months had passed.
This time I decided to do a test to check how much progress I did since the beginning of my journey with a drawing (or since I got back on a track again).

I took one of my r2d2 drawings which I did 3 months ago and drew it once again.
Here you can see results.
The first one is ‘before’, and the second one is ‘after’ 🙂

r2d2 first drawing  r2d2 drawing after three months

They are not identical in details, but the point was to check an overall progress.
What can I say?  I think that the second one is better, lines are more precise, maybe shading as well but, of course, the image is not yet ideal.  Maybe after a year or something, I will see more progress than now 🙂

Anyway, I feel that I improved my drawing skills, and apart from this test I want to show you some other things that I did.

Ok, so these are the drawings (some of them) which I did through the last month.

face drawing face drawing landscape drawingdino drawing example mountains with 6b pencil

Drawings of faces were prepared without any looking at the people or pictures. I did them on my own and I am pretty content with them (even though they are not so good).  The last image was done pretty quickly with a very soft pencil (I used 6b).

From the technical side. I spent around 50 hours on drawing exercises, and I think it will be pretty still value for the future. The new thing is that I bought three new mechanical pencils in February, so I have four of them right now (apart from a full set of wooden pencils). Two of them are 0.5mm and two of them 0.7mm and I use B and 2B leads for them.

In the next month, I will continue with drawing lines, shapes, face elements and so on.
The goals are still the same.

Until next time.

Pencil extender – do I need it?

Hi, today I want to give you a short note about a tool called pencil extender.

I had never used such a tool before, but when I got it my life has changed 🙂
Being more serious, pencil extender is a simple device, which extends our pencil so we can use it in a comfortable way even when a pencil is relatively short.

Just look at the pictures how one of my pencils looks like.

pencil extender pencil extender in action

What can I say, it is much easier for me to draw with such a tool when a pencil is short, and I can wear out almost whole pencil easily without any hand fatigue. So answering a question from a title, yes I need such a device.

And this is pretty all today, I just wanted to show you such a new thing I use for drawing.

Until next time.