Hi.  My name is Piotr, and I am going to learn how to draw with a pencil.
I decided to start this blog to show my progress with drawing and to motivate myself at the same time.

I started drawing several years ago, but I abandoned it after two or three months (I do not remember exactly) and I am back on the track again.

This time I am going to last for a bit longer. Like for me and probably many of you, it is hard to do something for an extended period of time, say more than 3 months.

You set your goals (whatever it is) and want to do something in your life, for yourself, but after some time it may be boring, or you are hitting a wall or do not see any progress (it does not refer to drawing only, but to many aspects of our lifes).

It happened to me as well. I just did not see any progress with drawing with a pencil, say after 2 months or so. That is why I started this blog and hopefully, it will help me to stay focused on what I want to achieve.

The good thing is, that I know that there are many people out there who want to draw nicely, and maybe you are one of them, and hopefully while being on this site, you will keep your motivation up as well and/or comment my efforts to help me to keep on the track.

I hope you will enjoy reading this site.
Have a happy day, Piotr