Drawing exercises – part 1

Hi, today I put some images of my exercises.
As you can see, I did some lines and shapes.

I did them as a warm-up and a hand training.

I sketch simple shapes at least twice a week and I believe it is helping with getting better with drawing. Every image consists of simple shapes, so I think it is very important to draw them properly.

Basically, I draw about 3-4 a4 sheets at a time and I do very random shapes, lines or figures. Some of them may imitate hair, grass, pupils or other things later on.
I use whatever paper and pencil for doing this type of exercising.

The thing is to practice. If I would like to try drawing some realistic hair for example, then I would use gradation with several different pencils, but for this kind of drawing simple shapes, I think it does not matter which tool I use.
I just grab whatever I have beside me and practice.

Ok, below you may see my efforts.

Till the next time, Piotr


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