Drawing progress after one month

Hi, today I put some images of my recent drawings.
As usual, I constantly draw simple things for hand training (at least twice a week):

Apart from this, I did some drawings with simple shapes like:

Finally, these are drawings after one month of intensive training:

I can say, that I see some progress with shading and lines, and it is a bit easier to draw more complicated things for me.
Still, drawing faces is difficult, especially finding proper proportions.

What more, I started to use eraser more frequently to add some highlights, and I try to spend more time looking at objects which I am trying to draw to spot more details.

During whole month I wore out one complete set of soft pencils (b2 to b8 – 7 pencils), and I spent around 50-60 hours on a drawing. It gives around 2 hours a day.
I tried to draw every day, but to be honest I had maybe up to 5 days when I did not do anything.

Anyway, I am still on the track 🙂 and trying to get better every day.

My goals for the next month are:

  • lines and shapes exercises,
  • drawing objects with shadings,
  • draw face elements like eyes, nose, mouth, and ears,
  • do some full images of faces or landscapes to see my progress.

I know, this is a lot, but I am going to continue with these things in the future as well.

Till the next time, Piotr

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