Drawing progress after two months

Hi, two months had passed and I have to tell you that I did some progress with drawing. Nothing spectacular to be honest, but all in all I see some improvements. It is easier for me to draw lines and shapes and add gradation with various pencils. I drew several simple landscapes (apart from other things) and I am pretty content of what I did throughout the last month.

Without further ado, these are my latest works:

You may see one new thing on my drawings, which is creating a space. I had used five simple techniques to achieve it:
– closer things are bigger,
– closer things have more details,
– overlapping (e.g. one object behind the other one),
– size of elements (closer elements are bigger),
– value and color (closer elements have stronger colors and value).

I still work with lines, shapes, shades and face elements.
The new things I am going to add to this list in the next month is one and multi-point perspective and drawing without looking at the object (it calls blind contour drawing).

As for technical things. I had spent around 50 hours on a drawing, so in overall it is around a hundred right now.
I have been using mostly HB, B2 and B4 pencils (and a bit of B6 and B8), and I had worn out several of them.
I had bought one new mechanical pencil with refills (but really cheap for about 5-6 dollars or so)  and an electric eraser, which one is really interesting to use 🙂

Kind regards, and to the next time, Piotr

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