Pencil extender – do I need it?

Hi, today I want to give you a short note about a tool called pencil extender.

I had never used such a tool before, but when I got it my life has changed 🙂
Being more serious, pencil extender is a simple device, which extends our pencil so we can use it in a comfortable way even when a pencil is relatively short.

Just look at the pictures how one of my pencils looks like.

pencil extender pencil extender in action

What can I say, it is much easier for me to draw with such a tool when a pencil is short, and I can wear out almost whole pencil easily without any hand fatigue. So answering a question from a title, yes I need such a device.

And this is pretty all today, I just wanted to show you such a new thing I use for drawing.

Until next time.

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