Drawing progress after 4 months

Hi everyone.

Four months had passed. I have to confess that I tried to draw every day, but to be honest sometimes I just did nothing. I spent a bit less of time on drawing (around 30 hours in overall) than usual because I had some other things to do. I had a lot of work as well and sometimes I was too exhausted to even start drawing anything.

Anyway, I did many simple exercises and a couple of full-page drawings (on A3 or A4 paper format).

The new thing is that I bought several mechanical pencils, so I have two with 0.7mm and four with 0.5mm lead size. I had also bought blue 0.5mm graphites, but to be honest I used them once or twice.

I have to tell you that I am heading a bit to mechanical pencils. I really enjoy drawing with them (with B and 2B leads), but of course I use wooden ones as well (especially 4B, 6B, and 8B).

A word about drawing. It is easier for me to draw things like faces, regular shapes, lines, and structures, but I struggle a bit with proportions and perspective. I started to add more details as well and I use smudging more often.

In overall, I know that so much of work is ahead of me and my journey with drawing will be long and bumpy but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. To be more specific, I see progress with my drawing skills. It is like 10% of what I want to achieve, but still, I am moving forward.

Ok, goals are still the same. I will add some new exercises as well like drawing with a set period of time (for example an hour challenge or so).

So, here are some drawings that I did through the last month:

dragon drawing with a pencil

Till next time, Piotr

Drawing progress after three months

Hi, three months had passed.
This time I decided to do a test to check how much progress I did since the beginning of my journey with a drawing (or since I got back on a track again).

I took one of my r2d2 drawings which I did 3 months ago and drew it once again.
Here you can see results.
The first one is ‘before’, and the second one is ‘after’ 🙂

r2d2 first drawing  r2d2 drawing after three months

They are not identical in details, but the point was to check an overall progress.
What can I say?  I think that the second one is better, lines are more precise, maybe shading as well but, of course, the image is not yet ideal.  Maybe after a year or something, I will see more progress than now 🙂

Anyway, I feel that I improved my drawing skills, and apart from this test I want to show you some other things that I did.

Ok, so these are the drawings (some of them) which I did through the last month.

face drawing face drawing landscape drawingdino drawing example mountains with 6b pencil

Drawings of faces were prepared without any looking at the people or pictures. I did them on my own and I am pretty content with them (even though they are not so good).  The last image was done pretty quickly with a very soft pencil (I used 6b).

From the technical side. I spent around 50 hours on drawing exercises, and I think it will be pretty still value for the future. The new thing is that I bought three new mechanical pencils in February, so I have four of them right now (apart from a full set of wooden pencils). Two of them are 0.5mm and two of them 0.7mm and I use B and 2B leads for them.

In the next month, I will continue with drawing lines, shapes, face elements and so on.
The goals are still the same.

Until next time.

Drawing progress after two months

Hi, two months had passed and I have to tell you that I did some progress with drawing. Nothing spectacular to be honest, but all in all I see some improvements. It is easier for me to draw lines and shapes and add gradation with various pencils. I drew several simple landscapes (apart from other things) and I am pretty content of what I did throughout the last month.

Without further ado, these are my latest works:

You may see one new thing on my drawings, which is creating a space. I had used five simple techniques to achieve it:
– closer things are bigger,
– closer things have more details,
– overlapping (e.g. one object behind the other one),
– size of elements (closer elements are bigger),
– value and color (closer elements have stronger colors and value).

I still work with lines, shapes, shades and face elements.
The new things I am going to add to this list in the next month is one and multi-point perspective and drawing without looking at the object (it calls blind contour drawing).

As for technical things. I had spent around 50 hours on a drawing, so in overall it is around a hundred right now.
I have been using mostly HB, B2 and B4 pencils (and a bit of B6 and B8), and I had worn out several of them.
I had bought one new mechanical pencil with refills (but really cheap for about 5-6 dollars or so)  and an electric eraser, which one is really interesting to use 🙂

Kind regards, and to the next time, Piotr

Drawing progress after one month

Hi, today I put some images of my recent drawings.
As usual, I constantly draw simple things for hand training (at least twice a week):

Apart from this, I did some drawings with simple shapes like:

Finally, these are drawings after one month of intensive training:

I can say, that I see some progress with shading and lines, and it is a bit easier to draw more complicated things for me.
Still, drawing faces is difficult, especially finding proper proportions.

What more, I started to use eraser more frequently to add some highlights, and I try to spend more time looking at objects which I am trying to draw to spot more details.

During whole month I wore out one complete set of soft pencils (b2 to b8 – 7 pencils), and I spent around 50-60 hours on a drawing. It gives around 2 hours a day.
I tried to draw every day, but to be honest I had maybe up to 5 days when I did not do anything.

Anyway, I am still on the track 🙂 and trying to get better every day.

My goals for the next month are:

  • lines and shapes exercises,
  • drawing objects with shadings,
  • draw face elements like eyes, nose, mouth, and ears,
  • do some full images of faces or landscapes to see my progress.

I know, this is a lot, but I am going to continue with these things in the future as well.

Till the next time, Piotr